KDG Land is a diversified consortium of efforts all relating to Real Estate: Wholesaling, Tax Overages, Land, Brokerage and sundry items

We represent a diversified portfolio of real estate businesses, all under the umbrella of KDG Land, LLC. Our primary emphasis is on helping the Customer. With the wholesaling business, we help the owner with any number of problems, ranging from foreclosure, divorce, probate, moving, all the way to an owner simply not wanting the headaches of being an owner. With respect to Overages, we assist the rightful party to the monies owed them by the appropriate county. The portion of the Website devoted to KDG Land is comprised of brokerage services, acquisition and sale of land, Publications and the creation of Due Diligence and Valuation Tools.


To locate all types of undervalued/distressed real estate, focusing on Single Family, Multifamily, Manufactured Home Parks and all types of Land. Once located, a Purchase Price will be negotiated, the property tied up, whether with some type of Option or purchased outright. Depending on the circumstances, the property will be re-introduced to the marketplace for a profit, with the emphasis on the velocity of the transaction.

Vision Statement

Networking, to develop a group of like-minded Investors and use my knowledge and experience to identify undervalued real estate, negotiate the best price, and either acquire an equitable interest or close on the property, then establish the market value and re-sell, with emphasis on minimizing time and maximizing profits. This concept is more commonly known as wholesaling, with emphasis on “selling the sizzle, not the steak”; in other words, selling the prospective idea of what could be, as related to Highest and Best Use, instead of what currently exists. This concept is easily translated to buying houses and raw land, while not so much with other asset classes such as multifamily and manufactured home parks. Based upon observation of current events and real estate trends, now is the time to take advantage of this unique Covid-induced opportunity to help distressed property owners unable to make their mortgage payments.




Raw land

Development / Construction

Manufactured Mobile Home Parks

Development land